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T I have problems with the volume of my Inforad V3 I move the swith to the loadest position but it is still very quite, can you help

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Frank Lemanschik Should be Always get Deinstalled Only use Foxit Reader !

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Guest essential software to update your inforad device. a speed camera (sorry, safety camera) alerting system. been using 3.4 so upgrading to 3.6 now. a bit clunky - one of my pcs refuses to recoginse the (theoretically) plug and play inforad device (you MUST use the lead that comes with it to connect to the pc, though any usb lead will do in the vehicle). earlier versions of the software seem refuse to allow you access to update, wittering on about your licence expired (annoying as I paid a fortune for a lifetime update!).

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Guest i also had a lifetime update, but after 12 months my inforad just stopped detecting camara,s full stop, so into the glove
box it went six months ago, as i bought it out of the news of the world promotion for £50. i thought yesterday i will give it another try, downloaded the drivers but they are not going into the inforad, so wy only a 12 month licence, but a
lifetime subscription, dont make make sence to me either, so i am with you on this one, although when it was in operation it was very good, but stopping without warning nearly caught me out, and finally i saw no warning of a 12 month licence, i still have the paperwork but no mention of it,

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