Interesting software capable of tracking GPS satellites at the same time
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Your Inforad is capable of tracking 12 GPS satellites simultaneously and it only needs 3 to get a 'fix'.
Inforad knows your position and exact speed by using the network of GPS satellites.
Inforad knows where you are and your exact speed at all times through its radio connection to the GPS satellite network.

Drawing on the database saved in its memory, your Inforad calculates the distance to the next risk area. This enables its alert system to issue a warning before you reach the risk.
Inforad uses the industry standard database of UK (and most of Europe) fixed speed camera locations and accident black spots.

You can add your own locations and you can update its database by a simple internet connection.
Inforad continually checks your position against its database of speed camera locations i.e. risk areas.
Inforad calculates the distance to the next risk area. As you approach, the alert system issues a warning before you reach the exact location of the risk.

Inforad will warn you in plenty of time by giving an alert further away if you are travelling at a higher speed.
As you enter the risk area, your Inforad warns you if you are travelling above the permitted speed limit.
Inforad warns you before you enter a risk area.

Inforad uses GPS technology so is 100% road legal. It is designed to warn you of risk areas to help you observe traffic law.
Inforad does not detect the presence of, or cause interference to, Doppler or mobile laser radar speed traps so will remain legal when the new Road Traffic Bill becomes law – unlike many other road safety devices currently on the market.

A series of coloured LED's and audible bleeps (adjustable) inform you that you are approaching a camera location.
Inforad comes ready loaded with the industry standard fixed speed camera and accident black spot database. It covers all of the UK and is expanding to cover most of Europe.

The database is updated daily and you can refresh your copy of it by simply connecting your Inforad to your computer.

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